Monday, February 6, 2017

Ways of Seeing

It is really interesting to think of how much the invention of the camera has changed the idea and need for other types of art. Paintings were so important to be able to capture moments, however these moments are not organic. They have to be forced and posed while a photo can be more candid. A painting can really only be in one place at one time, but a camera can reproduce a photo in all different types of ways and sizes. Photos completely changed the way people see art and paintings. A paining can now be circulated all over the world. It kind of makes a painting lose its appeal and lure. 
You can also think about the idea of the photo circulating a painting as making the painting more relatable. Like the video says, we are looking at these paintings in our own world and our own setting. It makes something that was not meant to be relatable, relatable. 

It is actually a little sad to think about a piece of art completely losing its meaning after the invention of a camera. You no longer have to go to the art. The art now comes to you. In some ways it is no longer about the art. It is more about proving that the art is authentic. Because a camera made a piece of art reproducible, some of the magic is lost. But, for me, there is nothing like seeing a painting you have seen a picture of in person. I spent an entire year studying a painting in Spanish class in high school and when I got the opportunity to study abroad in Spain I got to see this art piece in person and it was such a different experience. I have seen it on paper 100 times, but when I saw the giant painting on the wall for the first time it was amazing.

Unlike what the video has said, I really do not think that the experience of art has been ruined by the camera. It was said that the meaning of art is now lost with the invention of the camera and it is unable to give the same affect it was originally intended to, but I think it has only enhanced the ability for people to be exposed to its meaning. Without painting replications there would be no way for someone to take an Art History class. You would be confined to your location. If you are not able to get to these places where the original paintings are hung there would be no way to study and apriciate a painting in a classroom setting. 

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