Monday, April 17, 2017

"We live in a world where there is more and more information, and less and less meaning."

          For the denotative analysis I wanted it to be chaotic. The focal point is the man in the middle and then the eye goes around in a spiral out toward the words. I used the ink to mute the colors photo shop print out. Then I cut out some of the print out and glued it in color over top of the ink. This was used to make the cutouts pop out more. I wanted the ink to serve as a fog over the colors.
          For the connotative analysis, I chose this quote because it seemed to be really relevant to the direction the world is going. I feel as though everyone is so connected to social media and their phones. You go to a restaurant with people now and everyone is on their phones. I wanted to convey that through this piece. I wanted the viewer to see that we have completely lost the use of proper language. People now completely only use slang or abbreviations. I find myself, even in spoken language, only using the abbreviations and not the full words. We no longer use capitals or punctuation. We are always looking for a shortcut and don't want to do the work. It has even been seen that, in school, kids are having more and more anxiety when they do not have their phones so, in some schools, teachers are allowing their students to keep their phone on their desk, as long as they do not use it, so they still feel connected. This is why we have lost much of the meanings of our world.  

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