Wednesday, May 3, 2017


             This semester I studied Chiam Soutine. He was a Expressionist that, toward the end of his life, leaned more toward Abstract Expressionism. For the final project I wanted to create something reminiscent of his work, but seen in a new way. He went through a couple of different phases. I of which was landscapes and another was panting the carcasses of animals. I used both of these phases to make my piece. I wanted to use a part of the animal that he did not paint, the fur. I also wanted to create a landscape that I was familiar with, the Appalachian Mountains. I wanted to use his techniques of thick lines to create my piece.
              For me, the focal point is red and then the eye should travel through the zig zags and to the blue on the bottom. I used small and large strokes with thick amounts of paint to create the fur like texture for the background. I wanted to use 3 different colors and techniques to look like 3 different animals. The color scheme I used was complimentary and compound. I used mostly muted colors like black, brown, and grey. But I also used red, blue, and whit to brighten it up.
              The connotative meaning of this is a little sloppy and muddy. The denotative is nature and bringing out a childhood memory of mine. When I was younger, I went on a camping/hiking trip to the mountains and I thought it was so beautiful. The Ideological meaning is really that the world and nature is beautiful and need to be preserved. It is really important to me that people preserve the environment.
               I think this class has really opened my eye to different perspective of art and how it can be interpreted in many different ways. I am a biology major and a lot of time my professors want me to create graphs that are new and exciting and I really think the data visualization can really help me in the future. The only thing I would change is laying out the schedule from the beginning. I know not having an exact layout makes it more flexible, but I really like knowing what I have to do when, even if it is really far in advance. Thank you for all of you criticism and praise to make everything the best it could be.  

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