Monday, January 23, 2017


I attended the Essentia gallery in the student center. It was pretty cool to see what some of our peers have been working so hard on. I had never been to a gallery before, but I really appreciated being able to see there work and possibly be a source of inspiration for me since I haven't been in an art class in a really long time.

I really liked this piece by Rachel Yuhas. It sort of falls pretty well in line with what we are doing in class. Dots are the the most basic levels of art. This takes that notion to a whole other level. Her goal was to complete a circle with us coming from the stars and us wanting to go back to that. Each "dot" is a sort of planet in the universe. I really liked her thought process and how she really used the space she was given. Like the universe it looks never ending.

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  1. I like how you mention that the universe is never ending and that Rachel utilizes this aspect in her piece. The different directions that the dots are going in, as well as the size of the dots allow for this to happen. At certain points as the dots get smaller it looks as though we just can no longer see them continuing.