Monday, January 23, 2017


I am not sure if I am interpreting this correctly, but I think Italo Calvino is trying to get across the notion that all things can be summed up into images. when you read something or hear something or even see something you can create an image in your mind that represents that to you. We are all born with an imagination. We have original thought and ideas and we all dream. All of this is images that we think about. In class we discussed our weeks. And we said that when we think about something in our past a flash of pictures of soundless scenes come to our mind. This is our mind showing us through images everything we can remember. This is an idea Calvino was talking about. This "real" recall could be mixed in with the imagination that Calvino discusses. Our imagination can warp and change and mold things into what we want them to be. Maybe you did not have the best week, but it does not mean that your mind cannot imagine a better one. You can also imagine a future and set goals. This ca all be stored in your mind as images. The imagination is a really interesting thing to have and can be the basis of a lot of thought processes in this course in creating some interesting art pieces.


  1. Hi Tara,

    I really like how you connected our class with this recent reading. Additionally, it was reassuring reading through your thoughts about how our imagination can almost fabricate better times when we've encountered bad ones. This makes me think about how we spoke in class regarding art's healing powers.

  2. I think your perspective on this is very interesting. I like how you went in to depth about whether images we see are made up by us or things that we have actually experienced.